Whether your parents are downsizing, moving into a senior living complex, or have already passed away, most of us will have to clean out our parents’ homes at some point. However, just because something is widespread does not mean it is simple. Cleaning out your parents’ house is a difficult and emotionally draining task, even if they are still alive to assist.

A Storage Place has assisted numerous customers with decluttering their parents’ homes with our flexible storage solutions. Here are some of our recommendations for cleaning up your parents’ home effectively and properly.

The Logistics of House Cleaning

Are you at a loss on where to begin when it comes time to clean your parents’ house? You are not alone in this. The logistics of the operation might be challenging, much more so if your parents are not present. Keep the following points in mind to assist you in getting started.

Make Use of Self Storage

Often, there is a hard or soft time limit for completing the cleaning—you generally do not have an unlimited amount of time to sort through your parents’ stuff and decide where they should go. As a result, one of the most advantageous things you can do when decluttering your parents’ home is to reserve a storage unit nearby. Storage units can be rented month to month, providing you with the storage flexibility you may require.

Additionally, renting a self storage facility has a slew of other advantages. It is possible:

Allow you to stagger decisions—deciding what to do with various objects can be difficult, and a storage unit enables you to make those decisions on your own schedule.

Assist you in selling the home—if you’re selling your parents’ home, a storage unit might serve as a convenient staging area for furniture and other items.

Long–term storage—if you wish to preserve some goods permanently but lack the space in your house, a storage unit is the ideal solution.

Sale of an Estate

Holding an estate sale is an excellent opportunity to honor your parents and their possessions while also alleviating some of your financial load (and making a bit of cash on the side). Estate sales are essentially specialized garage sales where you sell stuff from your parents’ estate.

Estate sales are not always a possibility, especially if you do not reside in the same state or town as your parents. Nonetheless, it may be doable if you can get the assistance of your parents’ community and friends.

Create a Waste Management Plan

The harsh reality of cleaning out your parents’ house is that you’re likely to toss away a lot of items. Everybody acquires some garbage, especially if you live in a home for an extended period of time.

While there will undoubtedly be items you want to save, distribute to family members, store in a storage unit, or donate to charity, there will very surely be more items you need to discard. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Your parents’ possessions are not your possessions, and no one can be expected to keep every item passed down through generations.

Simply placing trash on the curb will generally suffice. What is the solution? Arrange a dumpster. The majority of trash providers offer residential roll-off dumpsters that they will deliver and collect when you’re finished. Alternatively, you can rent a dumpster in a bag, which is available at the majority of large box home improvement merchants.

Making the Tough Choices

Once you’ve arranged the logistics, the real work begins. Cleaning your parents’ home entails making numerous difficult decisions about what to do with priceless memories.

Establish Objectives

One thing you can count on when cleaning out your parents’ home is that the experience will be emotionally draining (in addition to being physically draining). This is especially true if you’re attempting to clean out the home of a recently dead parent. To avoid being dragged into a vortex of emotions and memories, make a plan before entering the house—and stick to it. The strategy might take any form, from time constraints to room-specific objectives.

How to Dispose of Sentimental Items

From ancient photo albums to cherished furniture, jewelry, and cookware, you’ll find memories scattered throughout your parents’ home. This is true for both obvious valuable objects and those with little or no monetary value—memories, after all, are priceless. Unfortunately, this feature can make it difficult to decide which goods to preserve and store and which to discard or donate.

The first step in determining what to do with sentimental artifacts is to understand that practically everything will evoke memories or feelings of nostalgia. Consider the following questions to assist you in sorting through the inevitable pile of sentimental items.

Did your forefathers and mothers utilize it? If the answer is no, the likelihood is that you will not use it as well.

Did you lose track of it till you discovered it? If the answer is yes, it is probably not as valuable to you as you believe.

Is it possible to digitize it? If the answer is yes, for example, for photo albums or films, make a strategy to duplicate them and discard the originals.

Is it a familial trait or a product? There is a significant distinction between a one-of-a-kind item and a generic product that your parents used. The former is of greater value.

You’d be astonished at how far these four questions can take you when it comes to sentimental items you’re considering keeping. Naturally, each thing is unique, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination—and don’t forget to forgive yourself for making difficult choices.

A Storage Place Is Available To Assist You

A Storage Place courteous storage experts have assisted several families with life events such as parent deaths, simple downsizing, and more. Not only are we here to provide storage options for you and your family, but also to assist you in navigating the difficult times that frequently accompany storage needs. To get started, locate a storage facility near you.