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Short Posts

Couch Storage – Clean, protect, and store – When relocating or renovating, storing furniture and household belongings is a viable choice. Typically, the largest item is your couch. When storing couches, some precautions must be taken to ensure their protection. To ensure it is returned to you in the same state it was in when you locked it away let A Storage Place Wilmington help!  Therefore, it’s important to ensure your couch is stored safely– ideally in a secure self storage unit. Call :910-392-8100

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Decluttering Tips & Using Self Storage to assist your elderly parent in decluttering their home.  Have you noticed how your elderly parent’s home has gradually become more cluttered? Throughout their lives, some people collect items, whether they are valuable or simply dust collectors. This is frequently the case among the elderly, especially those who have had years to accumulate a collection of items. Let A Storage Place help reorganize and keep your elder’s home clean! Call :910-392-8100

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How to make the best use of your storage space!  When renting a storage unit, you should always attempt to maximize your storage space. This will help you save money because you’ll be able to store more items and avoid renting multiple storage units. As a result, you can choose a smaller unit size and save money! Call us at A Storage Place Wilmington and find the size that works for you today! Call :910-392-8100

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Office organization skills are critical for maintaining a functional workspace that is both productive and tidy. Whether your home office is tucked away in a corner or has its own separate room. By selecting the appropriate storage solution, you can create a clutter-free space. Call us at A Storage Place Wilmington and declutter your office today! Call :910-392-8100

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As a small trades business, one of your most important assets would be your tools. Work tools and equipment can be quite expensive, and your business probably relies on them. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your equipment is stored securely – ideally in a secure self storage unit. Call :910-392-8100

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Have you recently started up a small ecommerce store? Or maybe you’re currently working on opening one? Cheap self storage units are ideal for online or home businesses, especially if you live in a small home and you’re managing reasonable amounts of stock and orders. Call :910-392-8100

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Need to stage your home for realtor showings and need extra room after decluttering? A Storage Place can help you get the extra space you need to get your home ready for your showing! Call :910-392-8100

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Is your family going through a home renovation and needs more storage space for a few months? A Storage Place can help with cost effective solutions to give you the extra space you need for your renovation to be complete! Look us up at Call :910-392-8100

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Have a student going to college that needs to store their belongings over break? Self Storage options are great during College transitions! Come see what options we have available for your student! Call :910-392-8100

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