As soon as You Decide to Move

Review your lease: You want to start analysing your lease as soon as your move becomes official. There may be penalties that you should be aware of if you are breaking or moving out before your lease is up. You will want to check how much advance notice you are supposed to give and who is responsible for cleaning. 

Two to Three Months Before Move

Do a thorough walk through of your apartment to excess for any damages: Look for stains or discoloration of the carpets and floors. Check for marks and holes in the walls. If there are holes from hanging pictures or shelving, plan on spackling them over. Look for anything that might be concerning to your landlord. Take notes of these issues and discuss them with your landlord. Ask which areas are your responsibility to fix ahead of time and what areas are possibly included in your lease. 

One Month Before Move

Give notice to your landlord: Usually a one month notice is required before a move. If a longer notice is required, make sure you meet those obligations to avoid extra fees.

Contact renter’s insurance: Make contact with your renter’s insurance company to make them aware of your move. You may have to cancel or change your insurance depending on where you move next. 

Rent a storage unit: It can be very overwhelming to move all your belongings in one day. Depending on how many belongings you have and how big your new rental is, it may be worth looking into renting a storage unit. This way you can temporarily keep unneeded belongings at the unit and move them in at your own pace. Mark your boxes so you will know what is an immediate necessity. The other boxes you do not need can be moved to the storage unit.This can alleviate a good amount of stress the day of your move. 

Weeks In Advance

Continue with moving day plans: Consider reminding your landlord about your moving day. Also follow-up with any professional movers or rental trucks to make sure everything is on the right track for your moving day. 

Start Cleaning: Communicating with your landlord will clarify your responsibilities for cleaning up your apartment. Also the necessary repairs that you are obligated to make. Time will go by quick, so start early to make sure you are prepared for your moving day!