Items in your kitchen are built to last. This includes your dinnerware. Although your dinnerware may still be in good shape, it might be time to spice things up with newer designs or more modern peices. But before you can replace what you have in your kitchen, you have to pack up your present dinnerware including old dishes, bowls, and cups. This post will help you with tips and tricks for packing up your old dishes. 

Packing and Preparing your Plates, Dishes, and Bowls 

There are a few essential steps to consider that will help protect your kitchen items from damage.

Have a supply of Packing paper: This can be used to protect your dishes, bowls, and glasses during the move. 

Always reinforce the box seams of the moving boxes: Add an extra layer of quality moving tape to the bottom of cardboard boxes to prevent items from breaking through. Even if the boxes are brand new, it is still a good idea to reinforce the bottoms. 

It is a good idea to pad the bottom of the box: Take packing paper and wad it up to create a cushion at the bottom of the box. This will help to safeguard fragile items from breaking while being transported. 

How to Pack Bowls and Plates

Wrap all Bowls and Plates: Place the item on top of packing paper and fold the paper around the item until it is completely covered. Then you can use a piece of tape to secure the paper. Each item should be wrapped in its own individual piece of paper. 

Stack the Bowls and Plates on their Sides: Positioning the dishes on their sides in the boxes will provide more stability in case the boxes get bumped. 

Plates should go on the bottom of the Box: When packing your box, it is best to keep heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. This also goes for heavy bowls. 

Tips for Packing Glasses

Roll the glasses in Packing Paper: Rolling them in packing paper will protect the glasses during transportation. 

Pack the glasses: Glasses should be placed vertically in the box. Pad the top of the box with packing paper.