Are you new to self-storage? Or perhaps you already rent a storage unit and are looking for some pointers on how to improve your self storage experience. In either case, this guide can assist you in getting the most from your unit.

Continue reading to learn the ‘dos’ while renting a self storage unit in Wilmington (or elsewhere)!

Consider renting a self-storage facility in your area.

To begin, a convenient storage unit is one that is close by. If you intend to visit your storage unit frequently, consider a facility that is nearby to your home or place of business. It’s pointless to hire a storage facility if it’s an hour away. Unless you’re utilizing it for anything like off-season boat storage.

Make sure you shop around for a facility.

Spend some time shopping around and determining which storage facility is the greatest fit for your needs. If you need assistance locating the correct storage service, visit our blog.

Determine the appropriate storage unit size.

Storage units are available in a variety of sizes. Specifically, A Storage Place Wilmington offers four unit sizes. If you need assistance determining the appropriate storage unit size for your needs, use our online space calculator.

Pack and keep your belongings properly.

Preparing your belongings for storage is a critical step. You do not want your possessions to be damaged, shattered, or destroyed. Take the time to properly pack belongings in storage boxes and other containers, as well as when packing them away in your storage facility. This is particularly critical if you are utilizing long-term self storage.

Make an inventory.

Keeping an inventory of the contents of your self storage unit will assist you in keeping track of what is stored there and where it is located. Visit my blog for some helpful hints on how to generate an inventory.

Do not hesitate to rent a self storage unit from A Storage Place Wilmington.

Now that you’re familiar with the dos and don’ts of self storage, it’s time to go on your self storage trip or, alternatively, to rectify your present self storage scenario.

If you’re looking for self storage A Storage Place Wilmington is the best option. Our facility is secure, safe, and clean, and our courteous team will assist you with any storage needs.

Finally, we’ll discuss the ‘don’ts of self storage’ in our upcoming blog. Keep an eye out for updates on our blog page!