Here is your spring cleaning guide for 2021. Spring is best described as a period when you feel like you’re starting over. Another winter has passed us by. There’s a high possibility your cherished home has been neglected throughout the winter, but that’s okay because spring cleaning is here! As winter draws to a close, we have a little window of opportunity to reorganize our houses and make them feel new again.

To help you revive your house and prepare for a bright, organized spring season, here are some spring cleaning ideas from your local neighborhood moving and storage pros.

Begin at the Beginning.

When going through your spring cleaning checklist, keep two principles in mind: only clean one room at a time and, if feasible, start at the top and work your way down. You can reduce the tension of your cleaning expedition and prevent performing more labor than necessary by compartmentalizing jobs like this.

Starting at the top means physically starting from the ceilings and cabinet tops all the way down to the floor. Because dirt and dust will fall from ceiling fans, mirrors, clocks, and anything else higher off the ground when cleaning tools and supplies are used. Instead, start by cleaning those items to lessen the likelihood of having to retread areas that have already been cleaned.

One Room at a Time

The most efficient way to finish a spring cleaning is to clean your home room by room. It doesn’t matter where you begin; nonetheless, you should think about which regions require the greatest care. Some people like to start with the room with the highest predicted workload, while others prefer to break down the total process into smaller chunks and create momentum by removing lesser impediments. It is up to you, but establish a checklist to keep yourself organized and on track, regardless of which option you choose.

Allow yourself the freedom to clean at 15 or 20-minute intervals if the notion of doing too much cleaning at once causes you stress or anxiety, or if you’re sensitive to chemical odors. Just don’t put off returning to the task at hand for too long, or the process will feel like it’s taking longer than it should.

Chores for the Seasons

By handling seasonal jobs alongside routine cleaning things, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Take a moment to identify those simple jobs that you may have put off during the winter or that just need to be done once in a while to bring your home up to its cleanest potential. For example:

Lawn mowing and other yard duties

Grill should be clean.

Clean the windows on the outside.

Clean and organize the terrace.

Check for cobwebs in the shed.

In the fire pit, replace the wood.

Also, put that snowblower away. Let’s hope you won’t need it for quite some time. If you don’t have room in your garage or shed, you may always store it in spring cleaning storage along with other seasonal tools.


Reduce the Amount of  Cleaning Supplies You Use

When cleaning, the last thing you want to do is aggravate the situation. Some cleaning materials will be essential, but if at all possible, avoid stocking up on a dozen different chemicals. With an all-purpose cleaner, some paper towels, and a microfiber cloth, you can cover a lot of ground.

While we’re on the subject of cleaning products, if you’ve been thinking about getting your living room carpet professionally cleaned, now might be the greatest time to do so. You’re already rearranging things, so it’s just another two-bird situation to assist you make the most of your time and resources.


Think About Future Solutions

As you near the end of your spring cleaning to-do list, consider why particular places became so crowded in the first place. Take some time to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. Why were there so many shoes piled up beside the front door? Would a shoe rack be beneficial? Could a few more coat hooks help with the inevitable stack of abandoned jackets? Is there a way to organize the mail?

Whatever solution you choose, if you live with family, it’s critical to keep everyone informed about any upcoming changes in the house. Otherwise, you risk having to repeat all of the same effort (and possibly more) next year.

A Storage Place can help you make a little more room.

When you’re deep in the throes of spring cleaning, it’s easy to see how much easier it would be to temporarily shift some of the larger obstacles and debris in your way. Fortunately, the experts at A Storage Place are happy to assist. Rent a dependable storage container today to give your home a breather!