Use A Storage Place for all your valuable holiday decor. One of the best aspects of the Christmas season is the opportunity to transform your home into a winter paradise. It’s great to make the home feel like it’s genuinely the holidays with exciting decor like decorations, sculptures, Christmas lights, ornaments, and all sorts of other things.

And what happens after it’s all over? You might be surprised at how much room those decorations use! If you have a few too many boxes of seasonal decorations, self-storage could help you declutter and free up room. A Storage Place has some suggestions for packing holiday decorations into a storage unit.

To save time next year, put everything in a box and label it.

Nothing is more aggravating than requiring a specific item from storage and having to unpack box after box in order to locate it. To keep things simple, organize your holiday decorations into boxes based on the holidays (such as one box for Thanksgiving decor, one for Christmas). When placing the boxes into your self-storage container, group them by holiday as well, and place the heaviest boxes on the bottom to avoid crushing other goods.

Labeling your boxes is just as crucial as organizing and packaging your things. Label each box with exactly what is inside to save time and hassle, and be sure to pack the boxes with the labels facing out so you can see them simply.

Holiday Lights Require Extra Care

Isn’t it interesting how holiday light strands always manage to wind up in a tangle? If you’ve been untangling lights year after year, make this year the year you finally get them packed up properly!

Wrap your light strands around a circular object, such as an empty coffee can. Alternatively, tie them to something, such as a paper towel roll, to keep them from winding up over themselves. They can also be wound around cardboard squares. Place your lights higher up and on top of heavy goods while storing them in your storage container so they don’t get destroyed the next time you use them.

Overpackaging items is impossible.

Many families have ornaments or other Christmas decorations that have special sentimental meaning or are passed down through the generations. When these products are not in use, storing them is a terrific way to keep them safe and secure. However, it is critical to ensure that they are properly packed.

Many Christmas decorations, whether large or tiny, can be fragile, and it’s worth your time to properly package them. In reality, overpackaging is impossible! It’s preferable to use a little more tape or an extra sheet of bubble wrap rather than risk losing anything valuable due to breaking.

A Storage Place can help you keep all of your holiday decorations safe and secure. Our storage units are easy to reach and come in a variety of sizes, so no matter how many decorations you have, we have a unit that will fit them.

So please consider using A Storage Place for all your valuable holiday decor. To get started with your self-storage, go to our website.