Get Your Fridge Ready to Store Your Thanksgiving Leftovers! The meal is unquestionably the highlight of Thanksgiving. Get your fridge prepped for leftovers before Thanksgiving with this advice on how to arrange your fridge.

Open the refrigerator door

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you’ve undoubtedly already been perusing websites and recipe books for ideas, not to mention attempting to persuade Grandma to reveal the secret to her flawless pecan pie. In the midst of all of your holiday preparations, make sure you don’t forget to cut out space in your fridge to store all of that food!

Here are some suggestions for organizing your refrigerator so that you have enough space for both your Thanksgiving supplies and leftovers.

Plan your meals carefully

Believe it or not, thorough, detailed menu planning will help you free up a lot of fridge space. To begin, make a list of the components you’ll be using in numerous recipes. If your stuffing recipe calls for a cup of vegetable broth, for example, look for another recipe that uses the same ingredient. This will help you manage your grocery list and keep the contents of your refrigerator in order.

Clean Your Fridge Thoroughly

Taking everything out of your fridge and giving it a thorough cleaning is one of the most beneficial things you can do before your big (Thurs)day. This allows you to ensure that your valuable refrigerator space isn’t being squandered on old condiment jars and expired fruit. Keep what you can and discard the rest.

In addition, many refrigerators now include adjustable shelves. While they’re empty, it’s the ideal opportunity to rearrange them and make a place for larger objects (turkey, anyone?).


The first Thanksgiving was essentially a potluck, and it’s still common for guests to bring something to contribute to the feast, whether it’s a side dish, dessert, or even simply a decorative centerpiece. Prepare ahead of time by speaking with your visitors. To eliminate redundancy, keep track of what everyone is bringing. You don’t need six casserole dishes full of sweet potatoes, as delicious as they are, so feel free to make recommendations and explain special demands. Perhaps someone will offer to bring the turkey!

It Must Be Freezed

Don’t forget to make use of the space in your freezer! Whether you opt to prepare some items ahead of time and freeze them to reheat the next day or divide your leftovers between your fridge and freezer for extra storage, you might be amazed at how much it can hold. To maximize your freezer’s storage capacity, empty and carefully replenish it, just as you would your refrigerator.


Bag to Take Home as a Gift

Who doesn’t enjoy the days after Thanksgiving when turkey sandwiches are served or the pleasure of opening the refrigerator on Sunday night to find the last slice of pumpkin pie? These aren’t scraps; they’re extras! Give your guests the gift of continuing to enjoy the dinner you worked so hard to prepare even after the holidays are over. Fill storage bags, containers, and boxes with food so that your visitors may take it home with them. To designate which bag or box belongs to them, give them bespoke labels or a permanent marker. Keep in mind that the more they take, the less space you’ll have to keep. So get your fridge ready to store your Thanksgiving leftovers! A Storage Place hopes everyone has a safe and happy holiday!