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Packing a suitcase step 9. Take it out for a spin. Carry your backpack by the handle for a time until it’s fully packed. Roll it down the street and carry it up and down the stairwell. This will give you a sense of what it will be like to travel with your suitcase in the real world. If you’re frustrated or exhausted, it’s an indication that you should lighten your load.

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Packing your suitcase step 8. Leave the children’s clothing at home. If you have small children, paying a little extra to rent or buy what you need when you arrive is preferable to paying cash for checked luggage fees and the headache that comes with it. Car seats, cribs, and other baby gear may normally be rented at hotels, while snacks, formula, and sunscreen can be purchased locally. Diapers are the lone exception. Pack twice as much as you think you’ll need, plus some. It’s impossible to predict when your flight will be delayed.

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How to pack your suitcase step 7. Go beyond the fold. It is totally up to you how you pack your clothing items in your suitcase, but seasoned travelers recommend a few ways. Instead of folding your clothing, roll them. This not only prevents creases but also makes the most of available space. Make use of packing cubes. These zipped containers keep your belongings nicely arranged, accessible, and small. Make use of the bundle method. Wrap each piece of clothes neatly around a central core: the center core consists of T-shirts, bras, and undergarments, while the outer layer consists of larger things such as dresses or blazers.

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How to pack a suitcase. step 5. First the heavy stuff. Start packing your heavier stuff first after you’ve laid out everything you’ll need. Place them on the side of the suitcase with the wheels, which is also the bottom of the bag when it’s upright. This keeps your suitcase from being too top-heavy, and your belongings won’t be tossed around as much.

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How to pack your suitcase step 4. Tetris-style packing. What’s the greatest method to cram all of your belongings into one bag? Make it into a game! Your goal is to cram as much information as possible into as little space as possible. To protect your apparel, stuff your socks into your shoes, then lay them together heel to toe and place them in your shower cap or a plastic shopping bag. Small items can be stored in your glasses case. To keep your belt rigid, wrap it over the collar of your shirt or snake it around the outside of your luggage. Tuck your underpants inside the bra’s cups. If at all feasible, wear your bulkiest clothes, such as your jacket, sweater, and pants.

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How to properly pack your suitcase step 3. brutal editing Make a packing list a few days before your vacation to provide time to pick up any last-minute goods. Make sure you have adequate space for the absolute necessities, then pick and choose the rest. Your baggage is like an exclusive VIP nightclub, and you’re the tough-as-nails bouncer in charge of keeping the knuckleheads out. Consider twice before putting anything in your bag. It’s best if you can leave as much as possible behind. Remove all items from the “just in case” category. You can always buy it when you arrive at your location if you need it.

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How to properly pack your suitcase step two. Use the countdown rule to keep things simple. It’s as simple as 5-4-3-2-1 to pack for a weeklong trip. Five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and one cap are all you need. Obviously, this rule can be tweaked to suit your needs. You may, for example, replace the headgear with a swimsuit, fancy dress, or suit jacket.

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How to properly pack your suitcase step one. Go small. The more space you have in your bag, the more you’ll be tempted to pack it. Limit yourself to a suitcase no taller than 22 inches with hard edges and a structural exterior to avoid overpacking. Keep in mind that if you use expansion features or load every compartment, even a carry-on that is well within the airline’s size guidelines might rapidly become enormous.

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