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Hide unused electronics. Because counter and work-surface space is limited in compact rooms, you must be careful about what you keep out in the open vs hidden away. Large electronic devices, such as printers and scanners, can take up a lot of space on the desktop or counter, which could be better employed for goods you use more frequently. Put these electronics in drawers that are the correct size to keep them out of the way until you need them. A Storage Place can be  help you avoid cluttering your home by providing cost-effective storage choices. Our phone number is 910-392-8100, and our website address is Please contact us with any inquries.

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Remove everything off the floor. In small areas, clutter can be a continual battle, but innovative storage solutions can help keep your rooms tidy and serene. To get precious spaces to stash essentials, try the following strategy: For open storage, hang small cubes or rectangular shelf units on the wall. You don’t need to allow extra clearing space around the units because there are no doors to open and close. A wall-mounted light fixture frees up the tabletop for books, drinks, and other items. A Storage Place can provide you with cost-effective storage options that will provide you the extra room you require to keep your house clutter-free! Our website address is, and our phone number is 910-392-8100.

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Not all objects are attractive enough to be displayed prominently. Utilize hidden storage to keep items out of sight yet still accessible. Furniture tactics, such as this flip-top upholstered storage bench, can be used to conceal stuff you’d rather conceal. If you’re looking for an even more effective way to manage your spaces, contact us. A Storage Place can supply you with cost-effective storage solutions that will provide you the extra space you need to avoid cluttering your home! We can be reached at or by phone at 910-392-8100.

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Are you or a member of your family undergoing a home renovation and require additional storage space for a few months? A Storage Place can provide you with cost-effective options that will provide you with the additional room you require to complete your remodel! Visit us at or give us a call at 910-392-8100.

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Have you lately launched a small e-commerce business? Or perhaps you’re currently in the process of establishing one? Self storage facilities at a reasonable price are great for online or home businesses, especially if you live in a tiny space and manage a limited amount of stock and orders. Visit our website at or call us at 910-392-8100.

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Are you staging your home for realtor showings and in need of additional space following a decluttering session? A Storage Place can assist you in obtaining the additional space necessary to prepare your house for a showing! Visit our website at or call us at 910-392-8100.

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