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 Wrap Your Lights. You can wrap string lights around enormous pieces of cardboard since they are the most unpleasant and problematic Christmas ornament. This procedure will avoid tangles while also maintaining the shape of the hair. You can also identify the pieces of cardboard according to the lights they hold, making it easier to set up your decorations and distinguish the lights.

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Organize your holiday cards in a nice manner. Punch a hole in the top corner of each card and thread a ribbon through it. This keeps all of the cards together and makes thumbing through them a breeze. You can keep this stack of cards on your coffee table for a few weeks longer before putting them in a photo box.

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 Place delicate or ornate signage on top of fluffy, soft goods. Use stuffed animals, pillows, or other plush items as a buffer to reduce the need for packing materials. Soft objects should go in the bottom of the bin, while fragile goods or ornamental signs should go on top. If the object is breakable, make sure it is initially wrapped in tissue paper.

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Donate or discard items that you no longer want.  Another ornament or festive plate that you have too many of can always be used by someone else, so consider donation. You will want to keep all the decorations that give you the warm fuzzies. However, if you have a “meh” reaction to something. You aren’t fond of it. In fact, you’ve never been a big fan of it. Save yourself some storage space by getting rid of that item. After all, tis the season to give to others isn’t it.

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Place all your boxes out for packing. Everything is set to be taken to your preferred location of storage. This includes attics, basements,  your garage, closets, and your garage. Pack away neatly and do not overstack, so you can safely unpack the following year. Also, try to be mindful of avoiding areas with water damage and pest issues. Keep your precious decorations secure and safe for years to come.

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 Gather your storage containers. Collect all your storage bins.  Open them all and begin putting back any of the ordinary home decor that you may have taken down to make place for Christmas. This is simple enough because everything gets stored in the Christmas bins while the season is off.

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  Gather your supplies, including markers, notecards, and tape. Packing tape is ideal for keeping boxes secure for the next year. Marking all your boxes will save time and frustration looking through boxes the following year, trying to find what you want.

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How to pack a suitcase step 10. Place a label on it. Label your suitcase with your name, email address, phone number, and destination address so the airline can contact you if your luggage goes missing. Label your carry-on as well; you never know if you’ll have to gate-check it if your flight is sold out. In case your baggage tag slips off, it’s also a good idea to insert a piece of paper with your address inside your bag. If your luggage is black, like almost everyone else’s, decorate the handle with a bright ribbon or elegant duct tape. On the baggage carousel, no one will mistake your black bag for theirs.

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Packing a suitcase step 9. Take it out for a spin. Carry your backpack by the handle for a time until it’s fully packed. Roll it down the street and carry it up and down the stairwell. This will give you a sense of what it will be like to travel with your suitcase in the real world. If you’re frustrated or exhausted, it’s an indication that you should lighten your load.

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Packing your suitcase step 8. Leave the children’s clothing at home. If you have small children, paying a little extra to rent or buy what you need when you arrive is preferable to paying cash for checked luggage fees and the headache that comes with it. Car seats, cribs, and other baby gear may normally be rented at hotels, while snacks, formula, and sunscreen can be purchased locally. Diapers are the lone exception. Pack twice as much as you think you’ll need, plus some. It’s impossible to predict when your flight will be delayed.

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